January 20, 2020

The philosophy of positive thinking.

Sambit Sahoo

It’s been two days since I have started reading the book " The power of your subconscious mind " by Joseph Murphy. A friend of mine has recommended this book. As soon as it arrived, I started reading it. Only after three pages, I realized how bad of a thinker I was. The book starts with a perfect explanation of how our mind thinks and perceives things. It explains the actual meaning of positive thinking and the impacts of positive thinking on our lives. After having a thorough understanding of this concept, I decided to write something about it. It’s way simpler than we think and the outcomes of positive thinking will amaze you.

To get a proper understanding of positive thinking we must get to know how the thinking process starts and proceeds. Humans create thought on something that they see or interact with. It’s totally upon us how we imprint a thought on our mind about something. We can think of our mind as a garden and our thoughts as seeds. If we sow positive thoughts or good seeds we shall reap a great harvest. Breeding negative thoughts or bad seeds will only lead to a bad harvest. By bad harvest, I’m trying to address the stress, anger, hate which are generated as a result of negative thinking. One can’t produce a good impression on something that he has a negative opinion already imprinted on his mind.

I have a very simple trick to create a positive thought on everything we see or interact in our day to day lives. The first step in becoming a positive thinker is to be an optimist of everything we perceive. Just appreciate the qualities of a thing or person when you see or interact with it. Don’t comment on it just appreciate it. Remove the phrase “I don’t like it” from your vocab. We as humans it is almost impossible for us to implement this concept. I have been failing all day long since I have tried this. Watch out for negative discussions on a topic and just appreciate the positive ones. The failure rate is very high and you may not succeed in the first week or month. But it’s always good to hope for the best. Remember, Positive thinking Right!!

Now we have all the positive thoughts and energy inside our minds. So let’s discuss how it can affect our lives. Psychiatrists have experimented and found out that nurturing a positive thought on something that we wish or appreciate gets realized. Our prayers are way much effective when they are from a positive pure mind. Going to sleep having a deep positive thought on something can make our sleep better and even our day. I have experienced this effect on my part and I strongly recommend you to implement this.

Concluding, It’s always easy to be negative about something. Because since our childhood we have been molded like this. We judge, comment on something as soon as we see it. It takes efforts to grasp something positive out of everything. Thinking positive starts with giving away the negative energy inside ourselves, being an optimist. Whatever happens, just hope for the best. And yes, don’t just think, Think Positive!

Thank you for reading. Peace 🤘🤘

Based on my experience from the book "The power of your subconscious mind " by Joseph Murphy.