December 31, 2019

Charging 2020 🔥🔥!

Sambit Sahoo

This won’t be another post on the internet filled with new year resolutions. This is my note of gratefulness towards everything that gave me joy, made me feel happier, gave me another reason to live on in 2019. Life has been great this year and the energy is pretty high for the coming one.

2019 was a year of accomplishments both in the personal and professional front. got registered under MSME as an Enterprise. yay !! Our revenue rose 20% from last year. We grew reflecting upon mistakes. Made amazing and very cooperative customers which are more of a family now. We have successfully implemented a more robust framework for conducting both production and sales this year. Our website got redesigned and the PWA was released. I have already started working on a more fast, functional and effective cross-platform application. This year we ran faster, faster than we have ever imagined. We achieved some unset goals. 2019 was great.

My personal life also improved a bit from the last one. I have started learning a new programming language. I did an internship for the first time. My elder brother got married. The most important thing is I’m in the third year of my graduation. Got a new roomie. Committed a very serious mistake. This year changes in my life were mainly influenced by new people. I got many new friends this year. For a secret note, I like someone. Successfully moved to a permanent blog that runs on the code I have written. I started contributing to open-source projects. Created an open-source **Headliner **project on Github for fetching news headlines.

I have learned an amazing lesson this year. Life becomes what we want it to be. Friends make it better. I’m so thankful to the people around me. I’m so much blessed to have you all. It feels the same every day, the same excitement towards a life with you all. I love you guys.

I wrote this post in a rush so I think it became a bit bland. I’m thankful for everything life had for me in 2019. Ups and Downs are the faces of life and it’s important to see’em all. The more you go down, the more you’ll go up. I don’t have any resolutions for 2020 because कल किसने देखा ? Ending 2019 with an emotional note. Thank you !! Peace 🤘🤘