PDF Donkeysitegithub

Generate PDFs on the fly with fully customizable templates, Rich editing experience and template variables.
stack: reactjs, expressjs, postgreSQL, typescript


Furikaeru is a small PWA for retro discussion. It features a simple kanban board with support for public/private boards.
stack: vue 3, expressjs,, postgreSQL, typescript


BillBird is a suite of applications for complete bussiness management with inventory, customers, suppliers management and Ledger.
stack: vue 3, typescript


Noter is an open source note taking and sharing platform built with Vuejs and Firebase. It has various types of text formatting features with realtime note update across multiple devices.
stack: vue 2, firebase, typescript

Ecom CMSsitegithub

A CMS built on top of Vuejs and Firebase which can be used to manager E-commerce applications.
stack: vue 2, firebase, javascript


Dango is an attempt to create functional routing controllers for express.
stack: expressjs, typescript


A social networking site wit certain limitations. (ongoing)
stack: reactjs, expressjs, typescript, mongodb


Personal cloud for files with a web app to manage files (ongoing)
stack: vue 3, expressjs, typescript, aws s3


Shoyo is a light and minimal CSS library written for personal projects.
stack: sass

Ecom testsitegithub

A complete E-commerce web application with a simple UI with many useful features.
stack: vue 2, firebase, javascript

WebRTC Chatsitegithub

A voice and text chat app using WebRTC for realtime connection and Websockets for signaling server
stack: vue 3, expressjs, webRTC,, typescript


Shoyify is a vue 3 component library built with typescript.
stack: vue 2, firebase, typescript

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