February 29, 2020

Self Quarantine and boredom

Sambit Sahoo

No, this is not an article on scientific facts about corona virus or not about those precautions. This pandemic has made my life a mess and I’m sure everyone else’s too. This boredom is killing my mind and my mental peace. So I decided to write and make everybody feel, they are not alone.

I had no interest in the news regarding this pandemic, not even now. So I don’t exactly know when this was started popping out in china. Yes, China. Nothing that’s made in china lasts long, but somehow this made a mess of the whole world. This spread like how butter flows on a hot pan and see what’s happening. This planet is now going through some human pest control or so. Yes, I know pandemics happen and it’s normal but killing thousands of people in a day and that too by a virus which is from china. See how hilarious that is. After this outbreak, people from various countries made some shitty assumptions. Saying about my own country, Indians being the religious peeps made a hilarious assumption that cow urine is the cure to corona virus. Seriously, it’s 2020 and we should be having flying cars, laser shooters and see this is what we are having. Members of our homeland also proved themselves by producing sarcastic and dank memes. Indians have learned a new language and yes, they are not stopping(yes, this is from a meme !). The so-called fashion divas and divos are also making some odd fashion statements boasting masks. Who knew that masks and hand sanitizers will become a notoriety thing!

Coming to the main point of curating this post, I’m frustrated. I’m frustrated because the only fest that I had high hopes for was canceled midway. The disappointment and sorrow of the organizing committee were heartbreaking. I’m frustrated because Our college is now shut and god knows when it will reopen. This was the only time students were given a vacation and they had no interest in going home. Believe me, I’m serious. I’m missing my friends badly and I will do anything to return to the hostel. Everybody is boasting about self-quarantine but tell me how can we just chill at home. I’m rock bottom in creativeness and I don’t know what to do about it. All my friends are home but I couldn’t just go and meet them. Each day is feeling like a year and all I do is sitting at my desk looking at a computer screen which is 15.6 inches wide. When you are bored you will start noticing everything. For the first time in my life at home, it feels like my freedom is compromised. I’m trying everything to get rid of this boredom, I’m coding a lot, reading books, gushing through Instagram posts and texting like I will die the next day. My productivity is zero. I’m damn sure everybody reading this article is going through the same misery. And yes, We don’t have anything to get rid of this.

Something good to cheer you up (and me also), Our beloved and brave scientists are doing their best to find a cure to this deadly disease. My salute to those kind and godly doctors who are treating the patients day/night. There are few times a human does godly deeds and these are those beings who are worthy of this respect. I think this article was about boredom and I went off the track. Leave it. Let’s just pray and do our part in breaking the chain. Because our happiness returns the sooner it ends.

So be safe, protect yourself and your family. Let’s fight boredom together by being virtually present to each other as much as we can. Our actions will save us. Thank you for reading! Peace 🤘🤘

image from theconversation.com