May 26, 2020

Short Stories are coming!!

Sambit Sahoo

Hey, guys, I haven’t been writing for a long time and I feel terrible for that. I have tried a couple of times to write but never landed a great article. I don’t know why this is happening. I had a feeling that this lockdown will be a blessing for me and force me to create, but that seems like more of a distant dream to me now. The state of our country is not good either. Colleges, schools, and all other institutions which involve a gathering of mass are not going to open soon. Lockdown is not going great and I’m tired of doing all these assignments and classes. So I’m thinking of something to entertain us and fuel us with some good vibes this lockdown.

I’m going to create some short stories based on various real-life personalities or events of our college lives. The interesting part is all the characters of those stories will be portrayed by animals. I know it feels a bit odd but trust me this will be entertaining. We all have so many memories and stories to tell that we have experienced in the last three years and this will be my attempt to tell mine. I promise there won’t be any mention of the real characters. I’m planning for at least ten stories and I hope to keep myself motivated. So Let’s hope for the best and Thank You for reading. Peace.