August 7, 2019

Social Media : A bane to Humanity.

Sambit Sahoo

Today i came to know about how the social media is killing us. So i decided to put some light on this topic as i’m an addict of social media (not to mention the platforms). So the most important question comes when we talk about social media is what makes us to open and use them repeatedly and to storm through the posts ? The simplest answer is we all have a serious issue of social anxiety. Let me explain it in a simple manner. We live in a world of 7 billion people. It’s not impossible for us have or make actual friends by which i mean friends who exist physically in our lives. We can talk to them , make fun and share our emotions and feelings. It’s not impossible. Instead we chose a simple way , we chose to use the social media to connect with people whom we don’t even know .

Coming to think of it , the actual goal of social media is to shorten the distance between our loved ones and be in touch with them when we are away. But we influenced the medium in such a way that it’s became a marketplace of attention seekers and attention givers.It’s became a door to the lives of other people where we are the invited intruders. This is an era of attention seeking where everyone is doing something to get more and more attention of people. The social media is providing the perfect platform. The social media platforms made a good use of this to their advantage and always showed us what we wanted to see. Everyday when we get into the social media we are trapped inside a book of addictive trash information. In the war of algorithm and your will, the algorithm wins.

The internet is full of useful information and knowledge but everyday we abandon the useful one and consume the trash. We see the stuff we want to see but not what we should see.Our valuable mind and memory is storing something which is of no us to us. We are getting consumed in the world of trash knowledge and our time which is the most valuable asset is lost .

I have tried many many times in the past to get out of this but i never had the strongest will to do so. Let’s take a pledge together to use the social media for good and make our lives worthy by gathering useful knowledge and information. Some things i’m going to try are listed below

  • Uninstalling all social media apps and switching to web based versions.
  • Communicating with my friends and family over cellphone calls not on apps.
  • Learning a new skill by harvesting knowledge and information form social media.
  • Stop peeking my phone repeatedly and only use it when there is need of information.
  • Don’t touch the phone before sleep and after waking up.
  • To gather a strong will to achieve all of the above.

Thanks for reading. Peace !!