July 16, 2019

PARENTING- from a child's point of view.

Sambit Sahoo

I’m a child of 19 and it’s awafully absurd for me to write about parenting. But it’s not a posts about parenting for parents out there to follow but it’s a collection of experiences of a child on parenting .

Starting right from myself , i had a very good childhood and it’s needless to say that i have one of the great parents out there.But growing up as a kid i understood what’s the right meaning of parenting . During my childhood i was taught about good manners ,how to behave ,how to be a good guy and all that good stuff. As i grew up all those teachings made me good at how to be good to people but never gave me courage or encouragement to do what i actually wanted. I got older and the skill of being a good guy got polished more and more but what i actually needed never reached me. The will to do something different , something i wanted to do ,which makes me feel myself never bloomed inside me because all i was taught to be good to people.

In college i started to pursue not my path but the path my parents curated for me. I won’t blame them beacuse i was so dumb that i had no idea what i actually wanted to be in future. About my parents they did a pretty good job in making me myself and i can’t be more thankful to them. But if they are raeding this , i just want to say, i’m not a failure and i will surely become something worthy of your pride.

So as a new entrant to the adult category what i feel about good parenting is pretty simple. Parenting is not just providing your kids the best education or buying them good clothes , good food ; no that’s not the 100% of parenting , what actually parenting is to BELIEVE on the capabilities of your kids. Every parent should belive that his/her kids can do anything in the world. Never stop them from doing what they want. That doesn’t mean you won’t guide them. Just make your kids feel that they have the capability to acomplish everything. And the most important thing , never stop BELIEVING on you children.

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