October 30, 2019

Life and the meaning of Wanting.

Sambit Sahoo

Life itself is a process of wanting to get things. Life begins from the very moment we are born and the process of wanting starts right from that moment. Life is short and we may not get much time for achieving things that make us feel fulfilled. Being clear of the things that we want and that we desire will lead us to a more fulfilled life. The words ‘Desire’ and ‘Want’ are too different. To grow is to desire and achieve. But this can also be misinterpreted as becoming too materialistic. In the process of growing older and achieving deeds, we end up getting useless things and emotions that don’t add value to our lives.

A want is something that you desire and something that an individual does not possess yet. An individual can have unlimited wants. A want is temporary and it emerges due to lack of something. It is not persistent and changes very quickly. In the course of life, we may encounter too many wants but not many of them will become our desires.

The word desire can be defined as a strong feeling of wanting something or someone. Unlike wanting a desire has a strong emotional intent to get something. It stays longer and during this time the individual tries to make it a reality.

Seeing a shoe or something flashy and trying to get it right away is an example of want. We know getting that won’t add any value to our lives but we still end up getting that. Want is bornt of unnecessary attention and the more we give attention, our it only increases. On the other hand, loving and caring for someone from our heart, doing something that will make us and our loved ones happy in the long term can be termed as a strong desire.

In the end, getting the things that you desired will make you happy and fulfilled. Wanting to some extent is good if it becomes a desire having strong value. Unless wanting will destroy you like a slow poison and you won’t have the chance to make things right. So get your wants and desires sorted out and lead a peaceful life.

Thanks for reading !! Peace!

Definitions from differencebetween.com