March 11, 2023

A Year at RevenueHero

Sambit Sahoo

Around the last week of January 2022, I got a random mail in my dev email address. I’ve had that address forever but never bothered about it. But for some reason, I was scrolling through that inbox and saw an email from some Aaditya fellow. With the idea of it being spam, I opened that email and found out he was asking me for a phone call. I did some digging in AngelList and figured he’s a startup co-founder. Without anything in my mind, I agreed to get on a call.

The next day, I got a call. I have a fuzzy memory of the conversation but we ended up at One Piece somehow. I was super impressed with his description of the team and product. After some random chitchat, he asked me to join RevenueHero.

It’s been a year since I joined RevenueHero. The journey of swimming through a vast sea of new opportunities, and experiences is nerve-racking but exciting. It just feels nice working with people who feed you energy and knowledge. My colleagues are knowledgeable, inspiring, and the best at what they do. It’s a dream team.

I think you’re tired of hearing it but thanks Aadi for asking me to join RH. I hope we can continue fighting over nonsense for the years to come. Thanks to the engineering team for tolerating me and not hating me over my PR reviews. We are a big team now and it’s hard to mention everyone. I’ll just call out the big guys. Susa and Pranav, thanks for being the calmest big brothers. I love you, Hari. Chara and Krupesh, I don’t know, love you guys too. Anne, thanks, and sorry that you still have to endure my shenanigans at the office.

Last year was amazing in terms of learning. I touched too many things in both the front-end and back-end. For the coming year, I want to try out more new stuff at work. I also want to learn how can I give my best and not kill myself.

I think that’s it. I took a lot of time and still messed up the article. But that’s ok, right? Thanks for reading through this cringey piece. Peace