December 29, 2022

2022, Year in review


Woah, this year passed quickly, isn’t it? It feels like the marathon just started and I went past one checkpoint. 2022 was an amazing year for me. A year full of learning, meeting and working with super talented and kind people, exploring food, and whatnot. Looking back it feels like I just came out of a vibrant mela, even though I don’t like the crowd.

The first few months were boring. My mental condition was pretty messed up. At work, it was almost the same. Got covid. The only not-so-boring thing was aadi calling me and asking me to join RevenueHero. My cousin brother got married. This was a marriage after a long time in our family. We had a lot of fun.

I joined RevenueHero in March. Looking back it was the best decision I think. The people here are amazing, super talented, kind, and all the nice words you can think of. The next few months were pretty much the same, I was working from home. I was so bored of working from home that I virtually became a reminder for aadi to open our office in Bengaluru.

I visited Peter bhai, Dipayan, Sleek, and debabrat in Vedanta, lanjigarh. The place sits below a mountain and it’s awesome. We met after a long long time. It was super fun 3 days. The RevenueHero Coorg trip was also finalized in July. I was pumped as I saw it as a chance to finally get out of the house and do something. I was super excited.

After returning home, I came to know that my brother is going to get married in 2 weeks. I was shocked and happy too. We again had a lot of fun, with all our relatives coming home. I was a baarati and danced like crazy. It was amazing. Right after the marriage, I left for Bengaluru. I was flying for the first time, and it felt good.

Bengaluru weather is so good. It was burning at home but here it was cold like winter. The Coorg journey was more fun than the place itself. We had many kinds of food and listened to music from all genres and languages. It helped me to know all the people that I’ve only seen on screen till now. I’m grateful for the trip.

But the year didn’t slow down there. After returning from Coorg, We opened up our Bengaluru office. We also welcomed Ashwini, Sahil, Shiva, and Manish to the team. Working at the office with like-minded folks is amazing. Not enough space here to write about that so I’ll be writing soon regarding my office experiences in a separate blog post.

I also visited some places in Karnataka along with my cousins. South India is beautiful. It helped me clear my mind and motivated me to move on and do more with greater energy and enthusiasm.

I didn’t do much OSS development this year primarily because I was focused on work at Revenuehero. Mirai has received some updates, but that’s nothing significant. I improved leaps and bounds in terms of gaining knowledge in all flavors of software engineering. I did a lot of UI in React, some data analysis stuff, testing, some APIs, and all kind of things. I’m grateful to the team for believing in me, providing me with opportunities, and the kindness they’ve shown towards me.

And that’s it. Mentally it’s been a bit hard year for me. I kept asking for something that I can never own anymore. It was hard moving from there. Grateful to everyone including my colleagues who helped me pass through that. I hope next year will be full of new learnings, exploring more tech, and building more cool stuff at RH. I hope you had a good year and a happy new year. Thanks for reading. Peace