June 20, 2023

Life's been kind to me

Sambit Sahoo

I’m not sure how many Rapido rides it took for me to appreciate Bengaluru traffic. Bike taxis are exciting, and probably the best thing that happened to commercial mobility. I also like commuting via BMTC busses, but bike taxis always give me a clear pov of the roads. Bengaluru roads are like busy festival streets with way too much chaos. My ride through these busy roads always fills me with a thousand thoughts. Slowly on such rides, I realized I’ve been unappreciative of Life’s kindness.

Right from the start, I’ve had great parents. I feel everyone’s parents are great, but I’ve never appreciated mine till now. I’m grateful for their affection, time, and energy. My father called me today to ask how I’m doing. These small phone calls mean a lot now.

To achieve a commendable career, everyone needs a guide. Life’s been kind for granting me some of the best teachers. On every walk of my career, be it during my school and college days or at work, I’ve had kind people helping me do my best. Thank you for being kind to me, whatever I’m today, you own part.

They say family is a pillar of Indian culture and I can’t agree more. Hailing from a joint family, I’ve had selfless and considerate folks taking care of me since I was a kid. I can never pay back this debt.

I’ve had some of the most compassionate friends in college. I took it all for granted and my ignorance pushed them away. If you’re reading this, I’m sorry. Thank you for your time through such a crucial period of my career.

The feeling of genuine love is hard to come by in these times. I can never appreciate her enough for everything I was offered during our time together.

With whatever skill I possess, I’ve had many kind people offering me a job. Thank you for earning me a living. I hope I’ve been of some productive help.

I’ve always had honest criticism of my sister-in-law’s cooking but I’ve never appreciated her effort. Thank you for cooking me tasty and healthy food every day.

My walk to the office’s been the same for the last six months. Every other day, I look forward to the 10-minute walk. To all the trees, birds, cars zooming across the road, people, shops, dogs, and the fresh air, Thank you. Thank you for filling me up with your energy, I owe you my productive days.

During my initial days in Bengaluru, I hated commuting by city buses. But over time, my co-commuters and conductors have grown on me. I look forward to that quick evaluation of a bus route, broken Kannada conversation with conductors, and a splash of fresh morning air over the side seat.

Everyone who commutes through KR Puram and Tin Factory knows how difficult it is to get a cab across. I’m grateful to those Rapido captains and Uber drivers for accepting my late-night requests.

Music has shaped a part of my character and mental shape. I’m grateful to those talented lyricists, music directors, and singers. Notably the Japanese, Tamizh, and Hindi music industries.

Last but not least, this city and state. I’ve always wanted to write about Bengaluru and Karnataka but seldom had enough focus to gather my thoughts. Bengaluru has beautiful people from every walk of life. Thanks for the place here.

That’s it. I feel our lives are like modern art. It’s easy to complain and hard to understand. Till you find meaning, it’s a mystery and once you’re there, it’s not enough. Instead of asking questions, we should keep appreciating little things and be grateful for what life offers.